You enjoy learning Japanese.

We take care of the technicalities.


Level up your Japanese

Learning a language isn’t an easy task, and even the smallest amount of progress can feel like a real achievement. NihongoUp tracks your progress for you, telling you what you need to work on and where you should be heading next. In no time at all you’ll be able to boast about your achievements on your NihongoUp profile, post them to Twitter and Facebook, and display your Japanese ability in the forum. It’s great fun and really motivational.

Review kanji like a pro

Reviewing Chinese characters has traditionally been a pain for students of Japanese. At NihongoUp we tackle kanji in a methodical and meaningful way, and our advanced learning algorithms will test you on kanji that are in need of review and appropriate to your level. You’ll get detailed statistics telling you how well you really know the kanji, and useful pointers, mnemonics and compounds to unlock the power of the Japanese writing system.



The best Japanese lookup tools around

Online Japanese dictionaries are a dime a dozen these days, but the NihongoUp suite of lookup tools have been hand-crafted from the ground up with our users in mind. Gone are the days of thousands of useless search results and confusing acronyms. Our lookup dictionary is sleek, fast and powerful and the unique grammar database is exceptional at quickly finding a grammar point, presenting an explanation, examples and links to further explanation.

Turn study into play anywhere

Our award-winning games and applications are the ultimate review and study tools. The desktop game allows you to review hiragana, katakana, vocabulary, kanji and grammar in a fun and intuitive way. Toaster usefully presents a piece of Japanese vocabulary to your computer’s desktop at an interval of your choosing. Our awesome mobile apps (available for iPhone, Android and WP7) allow you to continue your study whilst on-the-go.



Interactive Japanese textbook

No other Japanese textbook provides dynamic furigana, dictionary definitions, embedded multimedia, original diagrams and illustrations, native audio, refreshingly clear yet suitably comprehensive grammar explanations and an engaging narrative. Our languge lessons explain the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ and have been written for self-learners and those looking to supplement their existing language course. You won’t believe how good they are.