Frequently asked questions


What is NihongoUp?

NihongoUp is an online Japanese textbook and learning community for students and self-learners. The goal of this web site is to guide you on your way to mastering the Japanese language, and to teach you how to learn efficiently while having fun at the same time.

Unlike traditional paper textbooks we thrive to constantly update our lessons, provide useful and meaningful progress statistics, and employ interactive games & quizzes to help you through the tougher sections and make the learning experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Can I try your content for free?

All NihongoUp plans include a free 14-day trial which gives you access to every single feature of the website. If you find out that this is not the best place for your Japanese learning needs the simply cancel your PayPal subscription withing the 14 days and you won’t be charged anything.


How many lessons are there right now?

There are currently over 20 lessons covering most of JLPT N5, N4 and GCSE vocabulary and grammar and new lessons are added all the time. Other sections of the site such as the educational games and review quizzes go even further and include content oriented at advanced students beyond JLPT N1.

I study Japanese with a teacher. Is this website for me?

Even if you are a student lerning Japanese at high school or university and following a regular textbook, there is still a lot of useful content for you to discover at NihongoUp. For learners with no need for lessons and online teacher assistance, the Review account is the perfect solution, as it gives you access to all of the many mobile, desktop and online games & quizzes for you to review what you’ve learned elsewhere, as well as NihongoUp Lookup—our advanced dictionary and grammar database.

Billing & account

How much does NihongoUp cost?

Depending on your needs, there are three distinct subscription plans priced at $49 (Learn Plus), $29 (Learn) and $9 USD per month, all of which can be paid in your local currency as converted by PayPal. For more information, please visit the pricing page.

How can I pay for NihongoUp?

All NihongoUp subscriptions are handled through PayPal, one of the safest and most convenient online payment options available. Setting up an account is free and PayPal accepts all major debit and credit cards. If PayPal is not available in your country, please contact us and we’ll find another way for you to access the web site.

I’m a student, can I get a discount?

Yes! We know what it is to be a student, with a limited amount of money, and a wide choice of equally appealing activities to spend it on. Send a copy of your student card to and we’ll give you a 25% discount on the plan of your choice.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To unsubscribe at any time, go to your settings panel (‘cog’ tab in the top-right corner of the website) and click Downgrade. Alternatively, you can go to your PayPal account, find your recurring subscription and cancel it there.

If I cancel my monthly plan, will I still retain my study data?

Of course! All that happens is your account is downgraded from a premium account, with access to all of the lessons and features to a free account. You can upgrade again at any time and still retain all of your progress statistics.

What happens when I delete my account?

If you’d like to wipe your personal information, effectively destroying your account, you can do so at any time in your settings panel. The progress statistics and study data associated with your account will still remain in the database, but only as anonymous entries with no personal data. Please note that this process is irreversible and if you ever decide to join NihongoUp again your progress statistics will be lost.

Do you have special plans for schools and organizations?

We have a wide variety of content for schools, private teachers, language learning clubs and other organizations. Please contact us for more details.


What does NihongoUp mean?

NihongoUp is a play on the word nihongo (日本語) which means ‘Japanese language’ in Japanese. Every NihongoUp level is a jump ‘up’ in your nihongo ability!

I’m a blogger. Is there an affiliate program?

Yes! We offer 10% of every premium plan payment made by your referred users—forever. For more details, head over to the affiliate page.

My question isn’t on this page!

Feel free to contact us directly or post your question at our Japanese forum. We’re real people and we’d be really glad to help in any way we can.