Japanese language & culture blog

I know that you starve for new Japan-related content, and I decided that it’s time to stop being a lone wolf and and bring new writers on board. Please welcome two new contributors, Mary from 日本ーSuki and Ben from Ratticon in Japan!

Ben is an English graphic designer and interactive media developer with a passion for information design and photography. It is his dream to live and work for a studio based in Japan. At present he is studying the Japanese language and preparing to apply for work in Japan as an aspiring English teacher.

Mary us a graphic artist based in New York City. She is a Japan enthusiast who loves to find Japanese related events in the city. She’s big into Japanese food, movies, music, as well as the shady side of Japan that is rarely heard about.

What does it mean for you? More content, more topics touched upon, more diverse views on current events, and just more awesomeness in general!