The new NihongoUp is live!

As you may’ve noticed, the NihongoUp site was going through some massive changes during the past two months. Well, I think that the site finally reached a state when it can be safely announced to the general public. I’ll leave the “beta” notice in the header for a little longer (primarily because the site still isn’t fully compatible with Internet Explorer), but overall, there shouldn’t be any major bugs or missing features. Nevertheless, I’m still working hard on getting everything in the best shape possible so if you have any suggestions or feature requests, please let me know.

NihongoUp frontpage header

For a general overview of the site, please read on. Some features will also be presented in individual articles in the coming weeks. If you have purchased a copy of the NihongoUp game in the past, and want to know how these changes affect you, please read the note at the end of the post.

What’s new?

Everything! The new NihongoUp is so different that it simply can’t be compared to the original game. Before, all you could do is review some kanji, vocab and grammar. After registering on the new site, you’ll get access to a completely integrated learning system which has pretty much all a self-learner of Japanese could ever need. Lessons full of interactive dialogues & exercises, videos and audio recordings, an integrated dictionary, beautiful cheat sheets, educational games, desktop & mobile apps, cultural quizzes, social features, all that and more awaits you on the new site. So what are you waiting for? Go and learn Japanese now!

Referral system

If you already know how to speak Japanese, there’s still something else that may interest you about the new site. NihongoUp now has Japanese affiliate program. Send us a customer, and you’ll get 10% from every purchase he’ll make in the future, forever! All you have to do is head to the Affiliate section of your account settings and either choose one of the ready-made banners (similar to the one you see in this blog’s sidebar), or use your referral link in any other way you’ll think of. Also, if you have a blog, be sure to review the new site and drop me a mail… Who knows, you may get a surprise 😉

NihongoUp Game users

If you’ve purchased the old game, you’ll get a mail with instructions on where to download a new version of the application in the near future. The old game won’t be updated anymore, but you’ll be able to use the current version forever. Also, a revamped version of the old game, as well as other new applications are available to the premium users of the new site.

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