If I could speak fluent Japanese…

With our Multi-epic summer giveaway over, and the lucky winners proudly enjoying their prizes, we took some time to reflect on the responses that we got in answer to the question:

What would you do if you could speak fluent Japanese?

This is a question that interests us a great deal, as one of the key things that we ask users of NihongoUp to consider is their motivation for learning Japanese. To learn a language involves a great time and energy investment, and to have a clear goal in mind does wonders for your personal motivation. After all:

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

I’ve gone through the 300+ comments and picked out what I consider to be the most interesting, funny and unconventional things that people would do if they could speak fluent Japanese. Enjoy!

Gregg Muragishi

If I could speak fluent Japanese, I would regain a part of my family’s culture and finally be able to speak to my grandparents.

Kristjar Nielson

If I could speak fluent Japanese I would use it to enhance my small business across the globe. I would also use it as an excuse for not wanting to talk to people on the phone. Sumimasen kedo, watashi wa eigo zenzen wakarimasen. Ja ne! *click*

Ai Suzuki

If I could speak fluent Japanese I would go to Japan and try to pursue my dream as a Japanese rock musician.

Michael M

If I could speak fluent Japanese I would apply for a job at NihongoUp and use my talents to help others reach their goals 🙂

Hudson Murrell

If I could speak fluent Japanese, I would avoid uncomfortable lapses in conversation with some of my bosses.

Elisabeth Savoie

If I could speak (and read) fluent Japanese, I would be able to read Murakami in its original language, to speak Japanese with eventual Japanese friends and I could go see a lot of theater (and understand it) when I go to Japan next year!


If I could speak fluent Japanese I would attempt to find a job translating Japanese into English for anime series either subbing or for a dubbing script. If there is one thing that drives me up the wall its [sic] translations that don’t even attempt to take into account the grammar differences. Naturally I would also visit if I could!


If I could speak fluent Japanese, not only could I go over there and be the happiest I’ve ever been, but I’d also be able to voice a character in my own Anime series.

Brittany Kelly

If I could speak fluent Japanese, I would do two things:
1. Go help out the new foreign exchange student at school who barely speaks English
2. Go buy all the Japanese pokémon games so I don’t have to wait a year for it to come out in america x)


If I could speak fluent Japanese I would get a friend to form a ‘manzai’ group with me and we’ll bring lots of laughters to people.


If I could speak fluent Japanese I would travel to Japan use that ability to learn how to make wagashi from a wagashi master.


If I could speak fluent Japanese, I would want to make the web comics I draw available in Japanese in addition to English. It would be fun to make my characters have “deeper” personalities based on how their speaking style was in Japanese, and I could talk to Japanese-speakers who might read my story.


If I could speak fluent Japanese I would… tell my mother to learn it as well, so when someone is around we can speak in Japanese without them knowing what exactly we’re saying.

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