Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Finalist

Yes, you heard it right! NihongoUp is a Serious Games Showcase & Challenge finalist! This also means that I was invited to the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference where I’ll be provided with a booth in order to present my game. I/ITSEC is the place where a winner in each of the four categories—Best Student Game, Best Company Game, Best Government Game and Peoples’ Choice—will be decided. NihongoUp is competing in the Student category and I laso have a small chance of winning the Peoples’ Choice Award.

Orange County Convention Center

As it’s fairly difficult for me to get a US visa, and as it’s rather expensive for me to travel to the US, I’m not yet 100% sure that I’ll be able to attend the conference. However, if I am going to attend I/ITSEC, I will be happy to meet any of you in Orlando, Florida, where the conference takes place. Also, I was provided with 4 free Conference Passes and thus, if you are a game developer interested in serious games, feel free to contact me as I’ll possibly have some spare tickets.