Second-best Language Technology blog

As you may’ve heard, NihongoUp Blog was recently nominated in the Top Language Blogs 2010 competition over at Lexiophiles. I’m now honored to announce that Japanese language & culture blog was selected, among 495 nominees, second-best in the Language Technology category, and 30th best language blog overall!

NihongoUp is the second best language technology blogNihongoUp is the second best language blog of 2010

The selection was based on user votes (50%), for which I’m very thankful, and on the Lexiophiles ranking criteria (50%): content, consistency and interactvity.

On a related note, the NihongoUp one year anniversary giveaway just finished and I’m pleased to announce the winners. The first prize (NihongoUp Desktop, Kanji Wall Poster, Akihabara and Kabukicho Audio Guided Walking Tours) goes to Nicholas Vilppu, the second prize (NihongoUp Desktop, Akihabara OR Kabukicho Audio Guide) goes to Stuart Hicks, and the third and final prize (NihongoUp Desktop) goes to Mioco Gomes. Congratulations! Please enjoy your prizes, and don’t forget to review them on your blog 😉