Recipe: Matcha pancakes & matcha latte

As we all know, few things don’t get better when you add matcha to them, so why not try it out with pancakes? That’s exactly the question I asked myself. Before long, I found myself standing in the kitchen, and an hour later, stuffing myself with matcha pancakes, drinking the all time favorite matcha latte.

Matcha latte, matcha pancakes, and matcha

Don’t tell me you’re not getting hungry looking at the photo! Let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the recipe…

Matcha pancakes

Serves: 3-4
Preparation time: 20 min
Cooking time: 30 min
2 cups all-purpose flour
3 tbsp sugar
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla sugar
1 tsp cinnamon powder
1-2 tbsp matcha (green tea powder)
2 cups milk
2 large eggs
matcha, maple syrup, honey, hoshigaki, anything you commonly garnish pancakes with

First of all, mix all of the dry ingredients in a bowl. Then, in a separate bowl, beat the eggs and mix them with milk. Finally, mix the two together. Don’t over mix, or you’ll end up with pancakes that are dense and tough.

Now that your pancake dough is ready, grease a pan, heat it at medium-heigh heat, and pour the batter onto the pan, ¼ cups at a time. When the pancakes starts to bubble, and the bottoms get nicely browned, flip them over and cook for a minute or two longer.

Matcha latte

Matcha latte

Serves: 1
Preparation time: 5 min
1 tsp matcha powder
1 tsp honey
1 cup milk

Heat milk to steaming, pour over matcha & honey, mix, blend or whisk with a chasen (traditional bamboo whisk) until foamy.

Now that’s what I call a matcha breakfast! If you have any tips & suggestions, or if you have your own favorite matcha containing recipe, let us know in the comments!