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Whilst we are sure that NihongoUp provides exceptional value for money when compared to other Japanese language learning resources, both online and offline, we are acutely aware that the asking price is a considerable investment and the Forever account is certainly a considered purchase for many.

With cuts to education budgets around the world, and in the light of the recent English university tuition fee increase and calls to scrap student support money, there has never been a better time to support financially contrived learners. Students are more than ever struggling to make ends meet and find it difficult to put aside the money needed to invest in their education often settling for second-rate free resources or sub-standard cheaper courses.

This is why we are extremely excited to announce the NihongoUp Japanese Scholarship, designed to help Japanese language self-learners whose financial situation does not allow them to pay for Japanese classes, or acquire quality textbooks and other learning material. We expect a lot from our scholars, who will need to be motivated, passionate and deserving individuals whose only barrier to academic excellence and mastery of Japanese is money. The only thing that we ask of them is they persevere with their studies and give up some of their time to help other members of the NihongoUp community with their studies.

All NihongoUp Japanese Scholarship applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and those who meet the subjective eligibility criteria are awarded access to all premium features of the site including the full-fledged Japanese language textbooks and award winning games & applications at no cost.

So, if you deem yourself worthy of a NihongoUp Japanese Scholarship, head to the application page. Equally, if you know people who would benefit from the scholarship, please feel free to share this information with them.

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