Drinks in Japan

No stranger to the awesome world of the Japan Blog Matsuri, we’re delighted with both the quality and the quality of the entries to the festival. With a healthy mix of J-Blog veterans and newbies, topics range from alcoholic drinks, traditional drinks, fringe drinks and food made from drinks!

So, without any further ado, dive in to July’s Japan Blog Matsuri, on the theme of ‘Drinks in Japan.’

Greg Scott gives an overview of the major Japanese beers, and explains how the perpetual glugging of beer is not uncommon in Japan.

Eryk introduces us to Japan’s new drink: Menthol Shock, giving a description that’s comparable in eccentricity to the taste.

Here Greg outlines some great places to go if you fancy drinking a cool Japanese beer in the sun.

Greg Lane tells us what to do in preparation for a kirin-binge, and what to do after you’ve overdone it on the saké.

Not only does Declan share with us his experience of delicious-looking gyōza, he also shows us his mammoth frosted-glass kirin in a match that any gyōza fan will envy!

NipponTheBus helps us to ensure that the alcoholic drink that we buy in Japan really is alcoholic!

Find out how chocolate beer can make awesomely delicious-looking cakes with a novel taste.

See how delicious saké can, in a very small way, support the redevelopment efforts after the earthquake.

Reesan gives us the low-down on the bizarre Pepsi flavours that are available in Japan. From Caribbean Gold to Blue Hawaii, he’s got it covered.

Tibul takes us through some of his bizzare finds in Japan. Japanese breast milk? It’s on the list…

Jake talks us through two drinks which share the same colour, same easily misinterpreted name, but differ when it comes to flavour…

Ashley looks at what you need to look out for if you’re looking for, or seeking to avoid low-calorie drinks in Japan.

Arisha tells us how when armed with just a little bit of Japanese, you can avoid making a big mistake when buying a seasonal drink in Japan.

Sarah runs through some drinks that she’d like to try when she one day visits Japan.

Just Another Day in Japan says another “hello” to Yellow Mellow.

I’ve saved these two posts until the end, as they feature my favourite soft drink in the world. My first port of call when I touch down in Japan next time will be a Starbucks—and I’m gonna get me a large! I’m talking about the Starbucks Matcha Creme Frappuchino.

Haikugirl uses her A-Z of Japan series to focus on this amazing drink, and even helps out us Brits, by letting us know where a similar drink can be sourced. Thanks for the tip!

Tokyo Bounce give us the low-down on matcha, how to drink it, how to like it, and what to do if you don’t. Of course, the Starbucks Frappuchino will convert you if you don’t :P.

Once again, thank you to all who participated. Philip and I really enjoyed reading the entries, and I hope that you did too. Big thanks go out to Japanlicious for organising the event, and to all those who submitted entries. Roll on next month’s masturi!