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A new update is here, and it brings a new grammar game mode called Transitivity. “What the heck is a transitivity mode?”, you’ll ask. Well, as you may’ve heard, in Japanese as well as in many other languages, there are two types of verbs; transitive and intransitive, 他動詞 (たどうし) and 自動詞 (じどうし). This new mode will allow you to learn pairs of transitive & intransitive verbs and when to use which type. I’ll be writing a more detailed post about transitivity in the Japanese language so stay tuned and subscribe to the RSS.

1.2.9 changelog:

  • Transitivity grammar game mode
  • Minor UI changes
  • Minor bugfixes

As always: Most of the updates are based on your suggestions, so please continue leaving feedback at the NihongoUp feedback page.

UPDATE: Read more on the topic at Transitivity in Japanese grammar.