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After a long time, a new NihongoUp update is finally here. Some of the most notable improvements include a reversed kanji mode (see Settings menu) and support for game window resizing & maximizing which is especially useful for netbook users and owners of huge LCDs, willing to play with a wireless keyboard, sitting on a couch, like myself ^^ Here’s a detailed changelog:

  • Reverse kanji mode
  • The game progress bar is now better visible
  • You can now resize & maximize the game window
  • The last correct answer is now shown on game over
  • No more duplicate answers
  • The game is now paused with a right-click
  • Many bug fixes

Some of the features I wanted to include in this update had to be postponed and I’m already working on the next version which will bring even more awesomeness to the game! Most of the improvements are based on your suggestions, so please continue leaving feedback at theĀ NihongoUp feedback page.