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Someecards is a free online e-cards service. Unlike most other postcards, however, these feature dry, witty one-liners making parody of sentiments found in the traditional greeting cards, and sometimes features content that could be considered offensive if taken seriously.

In addition to official cards, users can submit their own creations, combining one of the existing illustrations with a custom caption. Here’s a selection of ten user-contributed someecards related to Japan. Please take them lightly, and if you have any better ideas, feel free to create your own 😉

someecards.com - I'll pretend to share your interest in Japanese culture.

someecards.com - I'm sorry I thought you were Chinese when it's obvious by your dark hair and slanted eyes that you are clearly Japanese.

someecards.com - The U.S. might have come up with the A-bomb, but the Japanese invented vending machines that sell used panties, so who's laughing now?

someecards.com - I'll become active in American politics when it becomes as exciting as Japanese politics.

someecards.com - When I said I was interested in Japanese culture, I was only referring to bukkake.

someecards.com - I know that you know that I know that you know that I only drink green tea because it's what the Japanese do.

someecards.com - Tell your dad thanks for marrying a white woman but demanding to give you the half-japanese looks.

someecards.com - I wish my daily commute was like one of those Japanese groper train movies.

someecards.com - What if a giant monster rose from the ocean and attacked Japan?

someecards.com - Japanese culture. Very hard to ridicule. Hence this shit haiku.

And here’s a little bonus ^^

someecards.com - I'm turning Japanese I think I'm turning Japanese I really THINK SO....

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