Learn Japanese the fun way!

  • An integrated Japanese learning environment
  • Learn kanji, vocabulary and grammar in context
  • Look up new words in the included dictionary
  • Track your progress and work on your weaknesses
Learn Japanese the fun way!

Main features

NihongoUp is the best integrated solution for learning Japanese. Learn, review, and interact with the Japanese language in a fun, comprehensive environment, online or on-the-go.

Free updates Regular, free updates ensure the very best learning experience forever. Love japanese We love Japan and Japanese and we do everything we can to ensure you love it too.
Learn Japanese on the go All your Japanese learning needs in one place, where ever you are. You’re always learning. Japanese language forum A vibrant community will support you in your efforts to speak Japanese.
Questions & answers If you have any questions, contact us, and they’ll be answered right away. Progress statistics Detailed statistics will help you to keep yourself motivated.

There aren’t many applications out there that let you practice particles and do this good a job at it. 

Japanese lessons

Our language lessons are thematically based and will introduce a vast array of vocabulary items, grammar points and cultural notes in one easy-to-follow narrative. They are packed with videos, native pronunciation audio and tips to make your learning experience as immersive and rewarding as it can be. Each lesson concludes with a quiz which provides detailed statistics further motivating you to learn Japanese.

Kanji lessons

Our kanji lessons aim to take the fear away from kanji learning by offering a full explanation of each character with popular compounds and tips for memorization. And when you’re tired of reading, head over to our free kanji quiz to review what you have learned, and keep track of your progress. We truly believe that there isn’t a better way to teach yourself how to learn kanji.

Games & applications

Our award-winning educational games and review applications available for all major desktop and mobile operating systems will help you to learn Japanese the fun way, and at your own pace. Whether you are too busy, easilly distracted, or frequently on the go, we have an app for you. To find out all we have for you to learn Japanese — open a free account now!

In the press

NihongoUp suits my playful and inquisitive nature. I always want to see if I can improve upon my top score. —Rainbowhill Language LabThe excellent kana practice and counters drills are the best I have seen to date and are worth the asking price alone. —GakuranmanThe particles game is NihongoUp’s ace up the sleeve. If you’re going to buy it, this is the section to do it for. —TofuguIt’s got everything to love; statistics, forums, and of course many great, fun ways to learn Japanese online. —Rukinet

Have a question?

We have the answer! Feel free to post at the Japanese language & culture forum, or contact us by mail.


Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Winner


Nihongoup for the iPhone is an amazing application.—kuchigiNihongoUp might become the most valuable online tool for learning Japanese—mikimarzoThe game was one of the reasons why I bought my iPhone, and it’s lived up to my expectations. Learning kana would have been a lot more tedious without it. —bátni